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Match report: Adelaide 3s 3-3 Berkamsted 5s: 25 February 2017

We had an unfamiliar line-up due do absences and injuries so the game started rather scrappily.  The home side had a couple of dangerous players but overall we had the edge without managing to create much in the opening minutes until suddenly Rashmi got the ball on the right wing and cracked over a thunderous cross from the edge of the pitch to give Mike an easy sweep home.
Berl and John Bennett were kept busy in defense by their youthful wingers but did enough to blunt all but the occasional attack. Adrian in the centre played a disciplined game, frustrating the opposition.  Nonetheless Sam, our impromptu keeper, had plenty to do.  Given that he was carrying an injury and could not run he played magnificently.
Matt and Mark played well in  midfield managing several triangular moves between each other and the forwards.  Brian was busy on the right wing and created the second goal with a typical long run down the right, slipping the ball through to Mark who beat the keeper to the ball on the edge of the circle and scored.
Then Mike was taken out by a dangerous tackle that left him bleeding uncontrollably from the hand and had to leave the field.
The second half was a big ask with only ten men.  Everyone fought hard and were remarkably successful but legs tires and three goals went in to put Berkamsted in a winning position.  But Rashmi had not read the script and in the dying minutes beat the defence and keeper all by himself to snatch a well-merited draw.

Match report Adelaide 3s 18 February 2017


Adelaide 3s 1-6 St Albans 9s; 18 February 2017

We started with just ten on the pitch and lost an early goal but we were soon up to strength. Our opponents had some very strong and fast players so kept our defense under pressure but we were able to counter strongly on occasion.

Barry at centre half played his pivotal role well, both tackling and moving the ball forward . Behind him Andy Clemson played brilliantly at centre back where his defensive hits were essential to get the ball upfield and relieve the pressure. Andy Sterlini played his usual superb game in goal, but some opposition attacks were so good that even his heroics could not prevent us being four down at the break.

After half time we changed the balance of the game. The defense tightened up, both Berl and John Bennett did a superp job neutralising fast wingers and feeding the ball forward to the midfield. George moved to his more familiar left wing where he tested the defense and tackled back relentlessly. But it was Roger who started to create the best openings from left half, two excellent diagonal through balls showed there were gaps in the defense. Then Mike made a run from our own half, burst through two defenders into space finally shooting just wide of the left post from the edge of the circle.

Jan Willem moved to right half where he played very constructively and crowned a good performance with a powerful and penetrating diagonal cross that could so easily have been deflected into the net. John Dunne worked tirelessly until he really did, inevitably, get tired, but he never ran out of energy.

We created several promising attacks but could not quite find the net. We conceded two more but we redressed the balance a bit at the end after a move that started from Andy at the back. He pilfered the ball from the home attacker with a great tackle and slipped it on to Roger who battered his way through the midfield into space, somehow dredging up the energy to move forward with the ball and slip it through to Jan-Willem on the right wing who crossed it for Rashmi to scoop the ball over the prone keeper in the dying seconds.