The name originates from “The Loyal Adelaide Lodge” of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows which began meeting in the Cherry Tree Inn in 1842. “Adelaide” was used after the villagers’ name in cricket matches between the village club and the private club of the Walker Family (now known as Southgate Cricket Club). Southgate Adelaide Cricket Club was formed in 1870 and shared the Walker Ground with Southgate Cricket Club, later joined by Southgate Hockey Club.

The Walker family donated the ground as a sporting trust in 1907. Palmers Green Hockey Club (formed in 1924 but having no ground of their own) joined with Southgate Adelaide Cricket Club the 1920’s to become Southgate Adelaide Hockey Club.

The club has played continuously at the Walker Ground since that time using two grass pitches and sharing a single storey wooden Pavilion with Southgate Adelaide Cricket Club. Showering conditions were hostile, the “facilities” were outside and the building unsteady.  Nonetheless the bar was cosy, full of characters and always lively. In the 1970’s the club grew from 3 to 4 teams playing friendly fixtures, then, around 1980, the clubhouse was replaced.  The club joined the Berks & Bucks League in the 1980’s before transferring to the more compact East League in 2004.