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Why play hockey?

It is a great team sport, suitable for all ages, abilities, excellent for getting fit and keeping fit.  It is a rare sport where fathers and sons can play in the same team, until the son gets too good of course.  The main season runs from September to April inclusive but there are also activities and matches over the summer.

If running round the whole pitch is not your thing you can always play in goal, it is still an active position but not quite so tiring, normally.  If playing the sport sounds a bit too much like hard work why not try umpiring?  Most of our games are umpired at home as in our league the home club normally provides both umpires.

Hockey is easy to learn but hard to master so you can quickly join in a real match but you will always find it interesting as you must keep learning your entire playing career.

It is also very sociable, all league matches are followed by a light meal and all clubs have a bar to relax in after the game.  Some players do just turn up for the matches but most take full advantage of the social side.

Why play at Southgate Adelaide?

We are a friendly club that welcomes new members.  Whether you are an expert or a novice, young or old, whatever your origin you can give hockey a try with us.  If you are playing the game for the first time we can provide a stick to start with.

We play our home matches on a good quality Astroturf Pitch at the Ashmole Academy,  5 minutes walk from Southgate tube station.

After the match we go to the Walker Ground where we share a wonderful  bar facility and social area with other sports clubs.  Meals are provided as part of the match fee.

We have 3-4 league sides so we have a team to suit everyone.  There are also friendly but highly competitive matches over the summer .

There is a weekly midweek training session during the season (Sept-May) to learn and improve your skills with a qualified coach.  There are even  some summer training sessions to keep you ticking over off-season.

We have a strong club ethos where players from all teams socialise together so new members quickly settle in.  We hold social evenings, quizzes and our legendary  barbeques.

Too old or too young?  Not likely.  You can play in league matches from the age of 13.  Younger recruits can join in training sessions.  Our oldest regular players are well over 60 and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Although Southgate Adelaide is a men’s club there is an associated ladies club, Hendon & Mill Hill, that shares all the same facilities (don’t be put off by the name, they are actually located in Southgate), participates in the socials and joins us in occasional mixed matches.

How much does it cost?

There is an annual membership subscription (this is £115, unemployed/students pay £55, under 18s £25).  There is a match fee of around £10 (£5 for the unemployed and those in education) which includes a meal after the game and normally a drink too.

Goalkeepers can use club kit or if they use their own kit they pay only £10 annual subscription.

Umpires pay nothing.

What kit to I need?

Astroturf training shoes, these have a bobbly surface to give the best grip.  You can use ordinary trainers but these will be slippery on most surfaces.

Stick and shin pads

Some players use a mouth guard to be on the safe side.

Club kit consists of a home shirt, a white away shirt, shorts and socks.  These can be ordered through the club website.

We often  have kit and equipment available for potential new members to borrow for a few games.

How do I start?

Contact our President Mike Lord (07581 370 313) or Secretary Andy Lord (07725 816 987).

Most sports players are able to participate in hockey matches more or less straight away but it is best to participate in a couple of training sessions first.

If you have never played but would like to see what hockey is like you can come to any of our free training sessions and join in (Sept-May, Wednesday evenings 8:30-9:30).  If you let us know you are coming in advance we can arrange some individual coaching at these sessions.

Don’t miss our annual OPEN DAY the first Saturday in September (check website calendar to confirm) where everyone turns up to do some training, receive coaching and play in several games from teams made up on the day.  Afterwards we all retire to the Walker Ground for a beer and a barbeque.

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