SAHC 3s 9th January HOME v Shefford and Sandy

We had a full side with Amar and Rob doubling up for us. Our visitors, Shefford and Sandy, had a mix of experience and youth but without the usual unfitness and inexperience that would have made our lives easier. They began strongly and never stopped. However, we had a decent side and everyone played above themselves despite several players suffered from lack of fitness or recovering from injury.
Amar had a fantastic game in goal, he had plenty to do and was able to snuff out many dangerous situations before they became a goal. Rob was magisterial at sweeper and Alec in central defense not only tackled well but passed accurately to launch numerous charges forward. However the visitors were were not only able to defend well but also managed to attack in speed and numbers which often created openings and half chances. They finally managed to force a goal midway through the first half and followed this up with a second just before half time which was well fought for but needed a huge slice of luck to go in.
The two Barrys played solidly in midfield and we had our chances at the other end, Ollie and Sam linking well on occasion, but we never managed a definitive break through.

After the interval Sam moved back to midfield and Barry Neale went forward, this proved a better mix and we earned a string of short corners but could not find the net. The visitors managed one more goal but our defense played well and both wing halves Ashley and Rashmi contributed strongly to the attack. We finally earned a penalty, Sam’s flick should have been good enough but the keeper managed a last second air kick to deflect it wide.