Match report 3d XI v West Herts

We had a very decent side out but unfortunately so did the opposition who had three young lads, one of whom was of an exceptionally high standard and soon made his presence felt. But our defense was solid as is usual, Stephen Biggins was on top form timing his tackles to perfection. Berl had much to contend with on the left but proved a difficult obstacle for the young attackers.

Vas was kept busy in goal and showed good positional sense, lots of good saves and safe clearances so despite undergoing plenty of pressure we did not look like letting anything in and at the other end we showed a fair bit of enterprise. Unfortunately though we conceded a goal just before half time, a hard hit into the circle deflected high into the net.

After the break the West Herts doubled their advantage with a second fine goal but we then started to gain the upper hand earning a couple of short corners before Ben replied with a quick dribble and a perfect flick to score. A goalmouth scramble gave Kiran a chance for glory but the ball arrived in a difficult position for him and his shot was smothered away.

Good work by Rob Tearle down the right ended in a cross which found Jan-Willem who shot first time only to see a superb save deny a certain goal. Alec Williams was outstanding in only his second game of the season, let’s hope we see plenty more of him this year!

West Herts finally closed out the game with a great third goal and a deserved win despite our excellent performance which would have been enough to win most games this season. Well played all.